About Us

I'm Olivia, your high school student who loves reading, gaming, watching anime, reading manga, and drawing fictional anime characters as a form of fangirling.

I started designing blogs because of my book blog, and I wanted an eye-catching look. Eventually, I received some requests from my book blogging friends for designs and decided that I'd like to take blog designing as a hobby. I feel amazing on the inside when I see little blogs grow into bigger ones because of an amazing design, because I remember how much time and effort I had to devote in my own blog to make it successful, and it's because of that that I want to help bloggers on their journeys by starting with a blog design.

Though many of my designs are for book blogs, whatever your blog's about, I'd love to help you out and make your blog look fabulous. I want to give you the confidence. I want to give you that extra little push to make your blog grow and flourish, because wouldn't it be awesome to have a beautiful blog design staring back at you?

You can view my portfolio here to see some of our previous work, and when you're ready to purchase a design, you can click on the Contact page here to submit a request, or email me directly at oliviahou27@gmail.com

I hope you find what you're looking for!